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Related article: Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 14:37:38 -0700 (PDT) From: D One Subject: ADS AND FANTASIESThe ad was simple."Meet me at work, follow instructions, get what your deep throat fucked"Gary answered the ad and found out more. It He sent the required photograph and another email came back. Each email that came excited him. The date was set and the instructions were explicit.Gary took the day off and drove to the nearby industrial park. Some buildings were being constructed, others look finished.He parked and walked past several buildings not wanting anyone to id his car. The building was small but several floors. It was almost 3:30PM and he hurried.The elevator was full of people returning from lunch, he assumed. Getting off the third floor he sighed. The floor was being readied for new tenants so nobody got off the elevator when he did.The bathroom was down one hall and around toward the end of another. It was so new and unused, you could smell the new paint. Gary went to the large stall the one they make for handicapped."When you see my black boots, get ready and then unlock the door" the email instructed.Gary decided to get ready first..stripping naked and sitting on the toilet. His watch said 3:30 and he heard the door open.The feet moved about for a while then his stomach jumped. Black boots appeared.Gary put on the mask the email told him to wear and reached for the door knob."Nice" the voice said and guided him back to the toilet. Hearing the man's zipper he opened his mouth.Hands held his head while the man's cock slide between his lips. Lolita Nudist "Tighter" the man said and Gary obeyed."nice boy" the man said..Gary's own cock was rock hard but he wasn't allowed to touch it yet he knew.The cock rammed slowly until it passed the back of Gary's throat. He opened and let it gag him the way their emails discussed.Gary had only recently learned to deep throat and this was a test. Again and again the cock slid in and out then moved deep."Ready?" the voice asked and Gary nodded as much as he could.The man made sounds..Gary knew streams of cum were shooting down his throat. He couldn't taste it until the tip of the cock was squeezed on his tongue."now boy"Gary grabbed his own cock and furiously jacked. He still tasted the cum in his mouth, still felt the rawness of his throat from deep throating the man and smelled the masculine odor."Let me know kid" the voice reminded him.Gary nodded and jacked until his gut was about to explode. He aimed his cock high so nothing would shoot on the man."Ok Sir now" Gary said as his body began to release his own juices..then as he convulsed with streams he felt the warmness of the man's piss on his chest and flowing down his body over his wet belly and still spurting dick.He gasped for breath as the stream of piss moved all over his body and onto his face. He opened his mouth so the pissing dick moved inside. He swallowed as much as he could but urine spilled out of the corners of his mouth and down onto his naked body."Nice" the man said slapping Gary's face with his soft cock.Gary's dick was rock hard."Go ahead"Gary had said he might be so excited he'd come again. Gary began to jack his wet slick dick for a second time.The man watched awhile but since Gary was taking too much time he got impatient."Let's try this"The man's fingers grabbed each of Gary's nipples and began to pull, twist and tease them. It hurt but Gary didn't stop jacking. He felt a new sensation of shock waves going from his nipples to his crotch and went wild shooting cum every where."Shit kid you got some on my boots"Gary muttered "sorry" then got an idea. He moved to the floor and lifting the mask licked each boot eating his own cum. The man didn't move away even though this wasn't part of their email plans. He reached back and felt Gary's butthole fingering it until Gary finished.Gary put the mask back on and sat back up on he toilet again."Ok just sit there" the man said and he resumed pissing on Gary's face, chest and crotch."Did I do ok Sir?" Gary asked."Next time we'll do you ass kid, email me when you're ready. We'll find another place."Gary was ready then but the sounds of the man leaving told him indeed there would have to be another time, another place and another fantasy fulfilled.Gary emailed when he returned home and waited for a reply.It came a week later.
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